Saint Michael Medical center, Newark, NJ is criminal organization

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This is not hospital. This is criminal organization run by some of the worst people on earth.

Here is my story. Few years back on one of the Friday evening, My wife had extreme migraine headache. Her dr. told us to take her to Hospital at around 6.00pm in the evening. So we went to emergency of this Hospital. A lady at counter ask for insurance information along with 100.00$. I gave both. She didn't gave me any receipt for same. We were in the waiting room for another 6 hours. At 12.00, my brother requested for a bed. They provided my wife a bed near a rest room. No one else visited us. After an hour, my wife said, she is feeling well so we decided to go home. See the miracle, all of sudden a dr. was free for her. He told us, he won't let us go without cat scan. OR we must fill plenty of forms. He also said, you have insurance, why worry ? That *** didn't know that Insurance provide only money...not time. We had to do it because filling up those forms are even more time consuming. Everything was good we came back home at 2.30am around. After almost 2 years, I received an invoice saying I have to pay 100.00$ for that day. I call and ask a mean lady, what is this bill about. She said, because it is in our system. Well after some argument, I thought why bother for 100.00$. I paid.


1. They forced us to go for cat scan.

2. Some times dr. might be busy, we understand. that is what the reason given to us. Then why all of sudden a doctor is free when we say we want to leave ? Answer is, just to make quick money.

All I am saying is, be careful when you visit these Mafias.

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